Private landlords

Landlord Legal Solutions is a fast, effective way of getting the right legal support you need when you let properties.

By not following the correct legal process when evicting tenants or regaining possession of your property, you risk facing criminal prosecution and civil action being taken against you.

If your tenant has not paid the rent or has failed to comply with other terms of the tenancy agreement such as rent arrears, we can serve the relevant notice seeking possession.

Alternatively if there is no breach of the tenancy agreement and you just want to regain possession of the property we can serve the relevant notice seeking possession.

Landlord Legal Solutions is supported by a team, supervised by qualified solicitors, who specialise in tenant evictions giving you confidence that the documents will be legally compliant.

Let your tenants know you are serious

Our solicitor's letter before claim, is often enough to make your tenants understand you are taking the matter seriously.

If you need to take the matter we can:

  • Prepare statutory notices (section 8 and section 21 notices) and court proceedings to lawfully obtain possession of your property.
  • Prepare court proceedings that you can send to your tenants or we can take care of this for you.
  • Receive step-by-step support, only ever asking you for the information we need at each stage.