Landlord Legal Solutions offers insurance companies the fastest and most cost-effective way of producing compliant legal documents to resolve a claim for breaches of tenancy agreements or when a landlord wants to reclaim possession of their property.

We recognise that, once a claim has been made on an insurance policy, a loss has already been incurred and an insurer's imperative is to minimise that loss and end the claim period as quickly as possible.

Landlord Legal Solutions prepare forms and notices for all stages of the process to deal with tenancy breaches and recovering possession, including:

  • Solicitors' letter before claim
  • Section 21 notice
  • Section 8 notice
  • Issue proceedings – accelerated procedure
  • Issue proceedings – standard procedure
  • Representation at court
  • Eviction
  • Proceedings against squatters or trespassers
  • Enforcement of money judgment