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Can a landlord serve a section 21 notice before registering a deposit within 30 days?

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For many agents and landlords it is common practice to serve a s.21 notice requiring possession at the end of the fixed term immediately after the tenancy agreement is signed.    But what is the effect on that notice if it is served before...

Landlord liability for defects to rented property

  • Posted

When accidents happen at rented properties, there is often confusion about a landlord’s liability to tenants or their visitors. This article looks at the legal position and the responsibility of landlords for safeguarding tenants in their properties. ...

The risks of unauthorised subletting

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The issue of subletting, if not done properly, can be a source of great risk to landlords and sub-tenants alike.  This post looks at those risks and the issues landlords and agents should be aware of. Subletting is where a tenant rents a property from...

Surrender of tenancies - the legal requirements

  • Posted

When a landlord and tenant agree to end a tenancy early it's known as a surrender but what are the legal requirements? This blog takes the form of a Q&A to answer the most common questions on this subject: Q: Does a surrender have to be by deed? ...

Energy performance certificates

  • Posted

We have recently been asked a question in respect of whether an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is needed for a flat being let on an assured shorthold tenancy when there is already Energy Performance Certificate for the block.  You would...

Ground rent - quick reminder

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Ground rent is simply a payment to the landlord as a condition of the lease. The lease should state the amount of ground rent that is due and the date it is payable.  Although it is a condition of the lease that the leaseholder pays the rent, a...

What is the housing health and safety rating system

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The Housing Act 2004 provides the framework for the introduction of a system of assessing the condition of residential properties in England and Wales. From April 2006 the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) was brought into effect by the Housing...

Is it a tenancy or a license?

  • Posted

We have dealt with all sorts of peculiar situations.  In some situations we have to question whether a tenancy has even been created. Just because an agreement is labelled ‘Licence’ does not necessarily mean it is. You may ask why does it...

Holding deposits

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A holding deposit is paid by a prospective tenant to reserve a property before the tenancy agreement is signed. The sum of money is paid in exchange for the agent taking the property off the market while pre contract checks are carried out to ensure that the...

Assignment of guarantees and landlord's duties under an ast on sale of a property

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Can a purchaser of a property subject to an AST rely on a guarantee given to the original landlord?  That was the question recently asked of us and, in short, the answer is yes. Guarantee Agreement However, there are certain limitations. ...

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